Activity – Role-Play – The Financial Crisis


Activity – Role-Play – The Financial Crisis. This role-play is designed for large or small groups of people. It gives participants the chance to act out different roles (e.g. national government, local banks, credit rating agencies etc.), over three stages, to help them understand the dynamics and decision-making processes involved in a financial crisis scenario.

Activity – Ethics, Power and the Global Economy – Game


Activity – Ethics, Power and the Global Economy - Game. This activity is a role-play for a large group of people (over 30). It acts out trading and global economic and power relationships. The roles can be used as they are to create variations that better fit the local context. 3. Activity - Ethics, Power

Activity – The Ecumenical Mission on Campus


1. Activity – The Ecumenical Mission on Campus. This is an interactive game that can be used to teach young people how WSCF works as an ecumenical global student movement. The activity can be coupled with a discussion about mission in an ecumenical setting.    1. Activity - The Ecumenical Mission on Campus (2012) Publication

Workshop – Media: An Alternative Truth


Workshop – Media: An Alternative Truth. This workshop was developed by Vladyslav Vlasov and Natalia Mykytei. The workshops focus on the critical analysis of media messages, showing how unreliable media resources can be sometimes, and allowing for discussion on how much trust young people can have in the media. 2. Workshop - Media - An

Workshop – “When I was Young a Blackberry was ‘Just’ a Fruit“


Workshop – “When I was Young a Blackberry was ‘Just’ a Fruit“. This interactive video workshop, developed by Maximilian Karrasch and Gabor Nemet, reflects on society’s growing overreliance on technology. The workshop can be used for small or large groups, as long as at least two groups can be formed. 1. Workshop – “When I

Worship – ALectio divina: Free to Worship


5. Worship – A Lectio divina: Free to Worship. Lectio Divina is a practice that involves a deep reflection on God’s word, through allowing individuals to contemplate, study, pray, sing, rejoice, be silent and communicate with God. Designed as a group meditation, this worship includes a series of prayers, reflections and Bible readings that should be held

Workshop – Women’s Role Patterns in Fairy Tales: “How does Cinderella find her boots today?”


Workshop – Women’s Role Patterns in Fairy Tales: “How does Cinderella find her boots today?”. This resource includes materials for running a workshop focused on the issue of traditional gender roles, in particular the stereotypes attached to women’s position in society. The workshop was developed by Márta Várnagyi, former Gender Programme Coordinator on the Regional

Guidance- Group Dynamics and Leadership


Guidance – Group Dynamics and Leadership. This resource provides guidance on how to create positive group dynamics, which help establish an effective and inclusive consultative atmosphere when working with small or large groups. It also provide advice on how to lead activities and discussions for young people. 12. Guidance - Group Dynamics and Leadership Publication

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