European Regional Committee

 The European Regional Committee (ERC) is elected to carry the work of WSCF-Europe together with the WSCF-Europe members of staff. We are young volunteers, who are dedicated to the work and life of WSCF-Europe. Besides implementing the work suggested by the ERA, we work with the SCMs, other regions and partners. We get our mandate from the European Regional Assemblies (ERAs) that happen every other year.

Our main role is to manage the work of WSCF-Europe as the key decision-making body of the Federation in Europe between ERAs. The ERC consists of:

The Board:


  • Facilitate the work of ERC and Board
  • Keep an overview of the activities and projects of the region
  • Meet with partners and donors
  • Strategic organisational development
ChairpersonChristiane Gebauer (Germany) /

My name is Christiane Ehrengruber. I am studying Protestant Theology in Göttingen, Germany, and am Chairperson of WSCF-Europe as of October 2019.

I got involved with WSCF-E in 2016, when the German national level delegated me to attend events and represent Germany at the European Regional Assembly 2017. There, I was elected as Program Coordinator, which has been a great experience for me.

In my role as Chairperson, my primary responsibilities are the coordination of the work of the European Regional Committee as well as the board, strategic organizational development and of course networking with our partners. I am happy to get in touch with you and speak about our work and expertise and discover ways to start new collaborations or involve you in our mission.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your ideas.

You can contact me at

Vice Chairperson
Vice ChairpersonPatrick Ramsey (United Kingdom) /

My name is Patrick Ramsey. I was born in England, where I am now undertaking a PhD in mathematics at Lancaster University.

I have been a member of SCM Great Britain since 2017, and a trustee since 2020, but first got involved directly with WSCF-Europe last year, when I joined a working group looking at updating the by-laws. I am now the WSCF-Europe vice-chair, and as such share responsibility with the chair for developing the strategic work of WSCF in Europe.

You can contact me at

The Treasurer
The TreasurerShoghakat Muradyan (Armenia) /

My name is Shoghakt Muradyan. I come from Armenia and work as Brand Manager. In 2020, I joined the European Regional Committee of WSCF-Europe as Treasurer.

I started my journey with WSCF-Europe in 2013, when I was delegated to represent SCM Armenia in the European Regional Assembly. After being elected as Chairperson of my SCM, my Movement became an associated member of WSCF-Europe.

As Treasurer, my responsibilities include budget preparation and financial management, overseeing and presenting budgets and financial statements, sharing budgeting reports, and working closely with the Regional Secretary  and other Board members, ensuring the stability, improvement and development of WSCF-Europe.

The European Representatives to the Executive Committee of WSCF Global:


  • Bringing the European perspective to the Global Executive Committee
  • Networking with the Global Office
  • Networking with the other regions of the Federation
Marta Sappé Griot (Italy/Belgium) /

My name is Marta Sappé Griot and I come originally from Italy, where I graduated in Law at the University of Turin. I am currently pursuing a Master of Law in Münster (Germany).

I joined the SCM Italy as a teenager, and in 2013 I had the chance to attend my first WSCF meeting, which I loved. Few years afterwards, I became a member of the WSCF Executive Committee, where I am currently one of the two representatives of the European Region.

On a global level, I am also a member of the Constitutional Commission and of the Personnel Committee. On a regional level, I am part of the European Regional Committee and of the Advocacy & Solidarity working group. My job is primarily to connect the European and the global bodies: a very challenging and enriching experience.

Feel free to contact me at

Paudie Holly (Ireland) /

I’m Paudie Holly from SCM Ireland. I’ve been a member now for three years. I am also a PhD candidate in Trinity College Dublin’s School of Ecumenics, based in Dublin. My studies focus on theological anthropology.

Right now, the things in WSCF which I find most interesting are: the new ideas in the Gender and Sexuality Working Group and the work of the Constitution Commission. As a member of the Constitution Commission, I look at amendments to the By-laws and the Constitution, that are proposed by the national movements. As a member of the Gender and Sexuality working group I am really enthusiastic about the great leaps forward modern Christians are making.

The Coordinators:


  • Connecting SCMs with each other
  • Connecting SCMs with WSCF-Europe
  • Training program for SCM staff and officers
Links Coordinator
Links CoordinatorSarah Eulitz (Germany) /

Hello everyone, I am Sarah and I am a student of Philosophy and Comparative Theology in Paderborn, Germany. Since 2021 I am engaged as the links coordinator of WSCF Europe.

My journey with WSCF Europe began in 2019 where I was a delegate for SCM Germany at the European Assembly in Copenhagen. It was my first international event with ecumenical interested students from all over Europe. I really loved the open-minded and supportive atmosphere of the event and decided to do an internship at the regional office in Trento in 2020. This insight in the structure of the organisation helped me with my current work in the European Regional Committee.

If you have any questions regarding movement-building, the possibility of a membership at WSCF or just want to connect with other SCMs feel free to contact me at

Global Networking Coordinator
Global Networking CoordinatorHoi Tung Natalie (Hongkong/Switzerland) /

I am Natalie from Hong Kong, currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. As the Global Networking Coordinator of WSCF Europe, my main duty is to create awareness of SCMs across regions and facilitate linking opportunities for SCMs outside Europe.

I knew about WSCF since 2010 and had several opportunities to join WSCF-Asia Pacific programs on behalf of Hong Kong. I also participated in the WSCF-E Study Session in 2016 in Budapest. Later in 2016-2018, I had more connections with SCM Sweden when I was the chairperson and Secretary of SCM Hong Kong.

I am currently a student of Master of Science in Global Health, with an academic background in Cultural Studies, as well as professional work experience in communications and HIV/AIDS advocacy. Passionate in promoting gender equality and the formation of a better and more diverse society. Driven to pursue health and human rights-related work, particularly for gender and ethnic minorities.

Programme Coordinator
Programme CoordinatorJúlia Alexandra Pocze (Hungary/Germany) /

My name is Júlia and I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. In 2016, I moved to Germany, to the charming Bavarian town Passau, where I have been studying Law, specializing in public international law and international economic law.

I have been brought up in the Lutheran faith, actively participating in the congregation alongside my parents, but it was not until I started university that I found and embraced my own faith, which over time became especially important to me. I joined a local Student Christian Movement (SCM), that I have grown to regard as my second family, and where I have been enthusiastically attending and organizing events for the past years.

I came into contact with WSCF-Europe by chance and was immediately drawn to the unique, supportive environment and the one-of-a-kind, open atmosphere that accompanies each event. I knew then that this organisation is something I want to be a part of.

My SCM and other international projects provided me with invaluable experiences that ultimately motivated me to apply to become a Programme Coordinator for WSCF-Europe. As part of the European Regional Committee, I hope to achieve two things: create opportunities for other young people, similar to those that shaped me as a person, so that they can broaden their horizons and meet new people and cultures while doing so. Secondly, I hope to bring faith closer to my generation and enable a progressive, constructive interfaith dialogue.

My work in the ERC encompasses organizing all of our current and future events. That means having lots of brainstorming sessions with the working groups, long Zoom calls and inspired conversations with my fellow ERC members. But what I enjoy most about it is seeing an event we have been working on for months become reality and then getting to know people from all over Europe, who each bring their unique vision, creativity, dedication and passion to the table. That diversity is perhaps my favourite thing about the Federation.

If you want to get in touch with me about any of our events or the agenda of the Gender & Sexuality working group, please send me an e-mail to!

Campaigns Coordinator
Campaigns CoordinatorJennifer Blackledge (UK) /

My name is Jennifer Blackledge. I was born in the UK; I am now studying for a degree in politics that I started at Strathclyde University and am now finishing at the University of Salford.

I have been a member of SCM Great Britain since 2017 where I was involved in SCM Glasgow then I went on to be involved in starting back up SCM Manchester. I first got involved directly with WSCF-Europe in 2019 where I represented SCM Britain at the ERA in Copenhagen. Since then, I have attended several WSCF-Europe events including the study school in Utrecht.

I am now the WSCF-Europe Campaigns Coordinator. I am responsible for creating campaigns to advocate for the issues that we see as important..

If you have any creative suggestions you can contact me in