WSCF-Europe relies on kind volunteers who donate their time to help the organisation and support other young people in Europe. We are hugely proud of and grateful to our incredible volunteers, all their efforts, support and enthusiasm – without them, the work of WSCF-Europe would not be possible.

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VolunteerSam Williams

Kia Ora, I’m Sam Williams. I was born and raised in New Zealand, currently living in Scotland. I am studying an MLitt in Analytic and Exegetical Theology at the University of St Andrews.

During undergrad I was President of SCM Otago University and a member of the Aotearoa National Coordinating Group. I was fortunate enough to be a participant at the WSCF Asia-Pacific Human Rights, Justice and Peace Programme in Jakarta, 2015.

In 2019 I was a member of the IPC for the International Youth Meeting: “Challenge it! Exploring Approaches and Innovations for Combating Youth Extremism”, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This was a fantastic programme and a brilliant opportunity to get involved with WSCF Europe.

Please do get in touch: sde.williams@outlook.com.

VolunteerKateryna Potapenko

Kateryna Potapenko, journalist and radio-host from Kyiv, Ukraine, volunteering for WSCF-Europe since 2019. My journey with WSCF-Europe began in 2018.

Being previously quite acquainted with social work and activism in Ukraine I never thought that volunteering experience can possibly become not just a hobby, or kind of a social duty, but that it also means to be a part of a family-like community, proving that in every journey – people is what really matters. With a master degree and professional experience in social communications, I enjoy contributing to the educational and advocacy campaigns and I’m grateful that WSCF-team can provide a real purpose and awareness that your creativity and passion is needed internationally.

Currently I’m a part of the preparatory committee of the future study session “Confessing Church today – combating right wing populism as Christians”, where I’m involved in planning the program of the session, communicating with applicants, creating a master-class etc. In 2019, I helped to organize a local event in Kyiv, concerning the topic of the youth extremism. As a participant I took part in the study session in Strasbourg at 2018 and in lingua franca training in Georgia, 2019.

WSCF is doing a great job empowering youth nowadays and inspiring young people worldwide, showing them that they can be a letter in a code that can make a world a better place for real.

To get in touch, you can contact me at: pkatyxap@ukr.net.

VolunteerEmanuele De Bettini

Hello, everybody. My name is Emanuele De Bettini. I’m an Italian student and I live in Torino (Italy), where I study for a Master degree in History.

I’ve been involved in WSCF as European Regional Committee vice-chairperson from 2017 to 2019; at the moment I’m part of the Study Session Preparatory Committee, that is working about “Confessing Church today: combating right wing populism as Christians”.

I’m member of the Waldensian church in Torino and I sing in the choir; in my community I’m also involved in the activities of the Youth Group, in making children sing, and in managing the Facebook page of the church. I’m also part of the Evangelical Youth Federation in Italy, that gathers people mainly from Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches together. In my Federation, I volunteer as representative in a Youth Center Committee , as editor for the newspaper, and as contact-person with WSCF-Europe.

If you want to contact me, you can email to memedebe@gmail.com.

VolunteerAgge Angusson

My name is Agge Angusson and I am a Lutheran priest candidate from Lund, southern Sweden. I am quite new as a volunteer in WSCF.

Studying theology in Lund, I came in contact with WSCF Sweden in 2019 on a conference, representing a local Christian student foundation, and shortly after that I joined WSCF Sweden. 2020 have been an incredibly special year with many obstacles for meetings, events and so on; but despite this, 2020 have still been the year when I have been committed to a joint WSCF Europe task group planning a conference targeting questions on Christianity and Feminism.

Although I am a new member within WSCF, I have got a taste of the many possibilities for influencing, organizing, and meeting we have within the foundation. Which is why I look forward to the coming years.

Blessings! For contact: aangusson@outlook.com