Staff Members

The WSCF-Europe office is based in Torre Pelice, Italy. A part of our team is based there and the rest of our team works from their diverse countries of residence across Europe. Our staff work closely with the European Regional Committee, as well as the other regions and partners.

The team is composed of:

Core staff:

WSCF Executive for Europe region and Interfaith Programme Director
WSCF Executive for Europe region and Interfaith Programme DirectorSerena Tiburtini /

My name is Serena Tiburtini and I am from Italy, currently living in Torre Pellice, in the Waldensian Valleys around Turin.
I joined WSCF-Europe after several years of working to ensure access to rights for asylum-seekers and migrants in Italy.As WSCF-Europe Regional Secretary, I am responsible for the overall operational management, development and improvement of the WSCF community in Europe.

To do so, I am supported by our Global staff and by the Regional Committee Members: together, we develop and implement a strategic plan to support us in achieving our mission of “Living faith together for justice”.A typical day in my job includes: fostering and nurturing current partnerships with international and European institutions (EU, CoE), other youth-led organisations and senior religious leaders; expanding our network of partners; ensuring project and financial management; overseeing project activities and leading project staff and volunteers.


My door is always open at: 

Communications Officer

Currently vacant.

Mozaik Team:

Editor-in-ChiefDaniel Jara (Ecuador/Germany) /

My name is Daniel Jara and I was born in Ecuador. I currently live in Germany where I did my master studies and I currently perform my Ph.D. research on the topic of intercultural theology, ecumenism, and the role of the body in religious practices.

I have been involved in the work of WSCF-E since the year 2018 when I had the opportunity to attend the study session “How Is Peace Possible?” at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. Afterward, I participated in WSCF-E workshops in Greece and Georgia.

I currently work as Editor-in-Chief of MOZAIK, the ecumenical journal of WSCF-E. As part of this position I solicit, receive and process new contributions to the journal issue; I am in permanent communication with the contributors and editors; I edit the texts and the journal, and I  carry final responsibility for its publication.

If you would like to contact me, you could do it at

Native-Speaker Editor
Native-Speaker EditorMatthew Friesner (USA) /

My name is Matthew Friesner, I am from the United States and currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I am a student in the M.A. program in Philosophy at Marquette University.

I am also interested in Theology and studied previously at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, where I received my M.A. in Ecumenical Studies in 2018. My predominant academic areas of interest are philosophy of religion, German philosophy, ecumenical theology, and history of Christianity.

I am an Editor for MOZAIK and have volunteered for the journal since January 2019. As an Editor, I am responsible for proofreading, editing and revising article submissions for the journal. My purpose is to ensure articles maintain grammatically correct and idiomatically accurate English, without altering the content of the essays.

If there are any questions or concerns, it is best to contact me at my email address, which is I generally am able to respond within two to three business days.

Art Editor
Art EditorAndrea Franic (Croatia) /

I am Andrea, a graphic designer from Croatia.

After I finished my Master’s degree in design at the University in Zagreb, I immediately started to work in the fields of graphic and web design, as well as photography and videography. Combining all these creative fields in almost every project, I am able to deliver a complex project from scratch.

Currently, I work as an Art Editor for Mozaik printed issues. Besides that, I run a Croatia-based design studio that serves clients across the globe. My email: