Levels of Membership

There are different levels of membership for our Student Christian Movements. Is your organization thriving, full of students interested in ecumenism and social justice? Then you might fit in our Federation perfectly!

Please contact the WSCF-Europe Chairperson for more information and for help with the process. The process begins with first becoming a contact movement, then moving to become an associated movement and finally reaching affiliation.

Contact Movements

A Contact Movement is recognized to share the values of WSCF. The Movement members and leaders are willing to cooperate with WSCF in their work or aspire to become a member movement. Contact movements keep in touch regularly with WSCF-Europe and send students to our events.

Affiliated Movements

An Affiliated Movement can take part fully in the regional and global work of WSCF.

Affiliated Member Movements can send up to two delegates to the Regional Assembly with the right to vote, speak, present recommendations and provide candidates for election to the European Regional Committee (ERC).