Campaigns and Events

There are many ways in which you can get involved in the work of WSCF-Europe.

Our Current Events and Campaigns page is always up to date with our most recent activities. Check out what events are on and register to participate! Our Past Activities page can give you an idea of what to expect. We always encourage participation of young people from a range backgrounds and faiths.

We often release calls for young people, usually from our Student Christian Movements, to represent WSCF-Europe at various partner events in or outside Europe. This helps us maintain our close working relationships with our partners, but also to offer young people opportunities to represent an organisation at large-scale events on various issues of interest to them. Keep an eye on our News for any upcoming opportunities in this space.

Every two years, at our European Regional Assemblies, we elect a new leading committee of volunteers to continue the work of WSCF-Europe and drive the work of our organisation forward. The positions for the European Regional Committee are open to young people from our movements and are varied – from Chair & Treasurer to Fundraising & Programme Officers. Ahead of each Assembly, we release more information about the different positions available and we release calls for applications throughout the year when the Committee has vacancies. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and get involved!

Our Advisory Committee is a group of experienced volunteers and professionals, who advises our European Regional Committee on various issues affecting the running of the organisation. Advisory Committee members are usually former European Regional Committee members or WSCF-Europe staff, who understand the ethos and challenges that the organisation faces. Vacancies for Advisory Committee roles are advertised on our News page. If this is something you are interested in, follow our work and get involved.