WSCF-Europe is part of a global federation of Student Christian movements. We are grounded in ecumenical dialogue, bringing together young people from different denominations. Our work focuses on the following areas:


Gender & Sexuality

Advocacy & Solidarity

Interfaith Dialogue

Theology & Spirituality

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“I realised that WSCF-Europe is all about building relationships. Just as it became very important to me, I tried to connect with as many SCMs as possible and to listen. It is amazing how much we learn and will understand if we choose to listen.”

Pavlina Manavska

“WSCF-E and the wider European ecumenical milieu was a truly incredible and special thing to be a part of. It gave me a community, a home and a shelter. It renewed may waning faith and deepened my understanding of what it means to live in the light of the Christian and ecumenical tradition today.”

Jaanus Teose

“Volunteering in WSCF-Europe (…) inspired my theological thinking and growing. It has also given me lots of new friends, skills, experiences and inspired my mission in life, as an ecumenical Christian who wishes to change the world for better.”

Krista Autio

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