From April 30 to May 1 the ERC met in person in Agape Ecumenical Centre in Italy.

After long years of online meetings, being reunited as a working group was an invaluable experience for the ERC members to share, discuss and set the roadmap until the next ERA.

Surrounded by the beautiful Italian Alps, our ERC members were challenged and inspired to contribute with their all their creative ideas, passion and vision. While the business part of the meeting was intense and focused on making sure all our activities and accounts are compliant and in order, the creative sessions were the heart of our discussions.

Building on the strategic plan 2023-25, we worked on new methodologies and strategies to achieve WSCF Europe’s goals for the future and to ensure that we can have a real impact, so that young people can fulfil their potential and are recognized, represented and celebrated in a diverse and inclusive societies. We tested non-formal education methodologies on our own group, to design pilot tools to engage with young people through their national movements and directly.

We worked on our ability to communicate with movements and reach out to young Christians throughout Europe, in order to facilitate connections, relations and exchange of experience between young people as multipliers of change, and help them shape the future of Europe. To do so, we also brainstormed on ways to improve awareness about the work of the Federation in Europe and worldwide through strong social media presence and regular reporting of evidence-based outcomes of our work to all stakeholders.

The result: a 5-points action plan for 2023, including a new fundraising plan, communication and networking strategy, movement strengthening, ERA preparations and handover to the next ERC members and a workplan for 2024.

Coming together as a team and working on shaping the future steps was refreshing and energizing, and resulted in renewed commitment to supporting, training and providing a platform for their voices to be heard and make a change.