We are looking for a Treasurer and two Programme Coordinators to join the European Regional Committee of WSCF-Europe!

We are looking for young people to join the European Regional Committee (ERC) as the Treasurer and Programme Coordinators. The ERC is the governing body of WSCF and includes young people from all over Europe who are passionate about human rights, advocacy, and social and economic justice through the lenses of Christianity. ERC members are volunteers, and remain in their positions for two years. The current term will end on 31 October 2025.

Applications for the Treasurer and the Programme Coordinator are now open. Here you can find a brief explanation of the two positions. Detailed information can be found in the linked document, the official call for applications. Applications can be submitted via the link that can also be found in the call for applications and are possible until February 29, 2024. If you have any questions about the role or the application, please contact us at wscf@wscf-europe.org.


  • Are you aged between 18 and 35?
  • Are numbers and Excel spreadsheets your best friends?
  • Are you interested in understanding and running the financial management of an organization?
  • Do you want to test and develop your accounting and financial management skills?

The Treasurer’s responsibilities include budget preparation and financial management, overseeing and presenting budgets and financial statements, sharing budgeting reports, and working closely with the Regional Secretary and other Board members, ensuring the stability, improvement and development of WSCF-Europe.

The work of the Treasurer includes the following tasks:

  • Be an active member of the Board of WSCF-Europe
  • Manage the finances of WSCF-Europe in a sustainable manner along with the Regional Secretary. Our yearly budget is between 120,000€ and 150,000€.
  • Prepare and manage the annual budget of WSCF-Europe
  • Ensure WSCF-Europe’s accounts are professionally audited
  • Ensure office bookkeeping and cash management are completed to a high standard
  • Meet with partners and donors
  • Help to write budgets for funding applications and financial reports

Here you can find the Call for applications for the Treasurer with more detailed information.

To apply, please fill-in this application form by 29th of February 2024.

Programme Coordinator

  • Are you aged between 18 and 35?
  • Are you passionate about human rights education, non formal education and youth work?
  • Do you want to support young ecumenical leaders in developing new activism skills?
  • Do you enjoy working in an international and multicultural team?
  • Do you want to test or develop your skills in managing projects and writing proposals?

The Programme Coordinator is responsible for organizing all of the current and future events of WSCF-Europe. We are currently aiming to find one or two persons for the position of Programme Coordinator who can serve until October 2025, until the end of the current period of the European Regional Committee of WSCF-Europe.

The work of the Programme Coordinator include the following tasks:

  • Develop topics/themes for programmes (conferences, campaigns and other events), based on the recommendations of the thematic working groups;
  • Coordinate programme planning and management (including tasks such as: recruiting event team members, chairing preparatory committee meetings, preparing online communications, reporting after events, organizing follow-up activities,etc.);
  • Maintain contact with, and coordinate the work of, the thematic working groups formed at the ERA, drawing on their input, inspiration and support
  • Assist with fundraising for programmes.

Here you can find the Call for Applications for the Programme Coordinators with more detailed information.

To apply, please fill-in this application form by 29th of February 2024.